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This suggestions relates entirely to Building Control Yes. Structure Laws apply to replacement windows but not to the replacement of damaged glass only. You must check with your installer to make sure that he is signed up with FENSA. If so then the installer, can self-certify compliance with the regulations. If you propose to do the works yourself or if your installer is not registered, then you or he need to make an application for replacement windows.

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To a shop, workplace or other office, Yes. The regional authority will likewise consult with the fire authority. This recommendations relates entirely to Structure Control Yes, even where internal changes and/or extensions may not be meant. This is a "material modification of usage" as defined in the policies. This recommendations relates entirely to Structure Control Yes, even where internal alterations and/or extensions might not be meant.

A completely submitted application kind, The proper charge, Two full sets of illustrations (4 sets of illustrations for industrial works)Any appropriate structural estimations, This guidance relates exclusively to Structure Control More guidance about Building Regulations can be discovered on the Federal government site, please see the link for Approved Documents in Related Material.

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The Approved Files, in basic terms, set out the method(s) in which you can make sure that you abide by the performance requirements of the policies. You can use another method of complying, however you will have to demonstrate to the regional authority how you will adhere to these requirements. Approved Documents can be found online or bought.

Once the strategies reveal compliance, they are authorized. If only small modifications are required, the plans might be approved conditionally.

If the work is a new building or extension, a block plan showing the size and position of the proposition is needed so that the size can be confirmed on site and to make sure the proposition is not to be built over a public sewer. Building Notices are not appropriate for work to business structures or structures to which the public have access, as the Fire Authority consultation is necessary.

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This suggestions relates exclusively to Structure Control When a valid Complete Plans application is made, the Council needs to provide a choice within 5 weeks, unless agreement to an extension of time has been offered, when the duration is reached 2 calendar months from the date of deposit. The Structure Control Service intends to examine strategies within two weeks of deposit.

This suggestions relates entirely to Building Control For a particular Complete Plans application, the inspection charge ends up being payable after the Structure Control Property surveyor has made the first inspection. The Council will invoice you for the cost soon after you begin work. The amount you pay is identified when you make the application based upon a charge scale or separately identified by assessment of the work.

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Nevertheless, need to the building work last more than 12 months, we do book the right to make a supplemental charge. Please see our Charges and Charges. If you make a Structure Notice application, the total charge consists of the charge for all examinations. This suggestions relates entirely to Structure Control When building strategies are turned down because the time for releasing a decision has elapsed, a re-submitted application ought to be made with changes to the strategies to make sure compliance with the Laws.

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This recommendations relates exclusively to Building Control Generally, the deeds to your house will include the details and/or your lawyer might have recommended you at the time of purchase. If this info is not available or is unknown you should know that considering that 1 October 2011, any drains pipes serving more than one home are the obligation of Anglian Water.

This guidance relates entirely to Structure Control No, although it is sensible to consult them. You may also be needed to consult them under the Party Wall Act if you are doing work on or near the celebration wall or boundary. This suggestions relates exclusively to Building Control Boundary disagreements are a private matter between neighbours, the Council can not be celebration to any such disputes, unless of course they are the landowners involved.

At the end of the day celebrations might have to resort to solicitor's recommendations and even official legal action. The Council can not offer you any details about the area of boundaries.

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Other important elements to think about are: viability of existing roofing structure to function as a floorsuitability of existing lintels over ground floor openingssuitability of existing walls, This guidance relates entirely to Structure Control The Council may have strategies of your initial house and may consist of a drain layout. It may be possible for the original strategies to be extracted from the archives, dependant mainly on how old the home is.

You will be charged an administration charge for searching for old records. A better way to identify the drain design is to either utilize a property surveyor to examine or lift manholes in your garden and do your own survey. Remember there may be surface water as well as foul drains on your property, you need to not connect nasty water to a surface water supply or vice versa.

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You have a right to see strategies deposited for any preparation application for your home and these might contain drainage strategies. This guidance relates entirely to Structure Control Structure Control documents that have been sent, unlike planning documents, are not public records and access is limited to the owner of the files.